Digital Signage

Media Content Manager is a market-leading digital signage platform.

Available either as a cloud based service or a license agreement our software allows our clients to build dynamic digital signage presentations with one of the most sophisticated and yet easy to operate console systems available on the market.

Create – users can easily create and upload a wide range of content (creating slides, upload videos, PPT…)

Manage – allows easy management of content and scheduling

Display – seemlessly push content to screens, be this on screen walls, flat screens, tablets…

Digital Signage Solutions

The software ‘Media Content Manager’ has a number of unique characteristics allowing instant changes to the media output, very easy to operate software and competitive pricing.


Improved Communication

Allows our clients to communicate messages in an instant. Using various media formats to communicate, ensuring that information is always up to date.



Offers many solutions, including touch screen way-finding, internal communications, promotional messages to customers, store front advertising, meeting room booking, dynamic menu boards and much, much more.



Content changes can be programmed to update screens in multiple locations simultaneously, allowing clients to focus your resources on other core areas of your business. Set up and access is incredibly quick and comprehensive training is provided allowing key members of staff to be in control of one or many screens in any location.

On-line demo – to truly understand the benefits we would welcome the opportunity to arrange an on-line demonstration at a mutually convenient time – please contact us to arrange the next available time.