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Is your premises REALLY ready to return to work?

Posted: Thursday 21st May 2020

Need some help?

As the weeks go by, we all sit and wait in anticipation to see what Boris is going to say next.

His most recent announcement was that ‘if you can go to work, you should’. But what does that really mean, and how can we, as organisations, be prepared for it?

There has been lots of emphasis around construction, handymen, manufacturing and engineering employees returning to work – for many of which, it’s easier to ‘spread out’ and keep their distance from each other as they often work outside or in big work spaces such as factories. HOWEVER, there is still a need for rules. Even more so, when it comes to schools and offices where individuals are grouped together in smaller spaces. How are you going to enforce these to keep everyone safe?

Well, this week we are going help you with that…

…please share this PDF guide far and wide, as no doubt there’s a lot of grey areas for many Managing Directors wondering whether they are ‘prepared’ enough to invite their workers back onto the premises.

From desk guards, to sneeze screens and personal hand sanitisers, to new processes and procedures… here’s everything you need to know, rule by rule, and the solutions available.

Print it off, send it round, this PDF is to help you get ready to return to work, and as always, if you need a hand with anything – you know where we are.

Read ‘Is your premises really ready to go back to work?’ here.

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