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Interactive Print

Remaining at the forefront of campaigns

The longest standing member of the marketing team is central to many campaigns as people “trust” printed materials but what else can print do to remain at the forefront of campaigns?
Employing the latest technologies and techniques to maximise the functionality of the specification making the print more interactive, helps to promote the brand impact and retention.
Interactive print is being helped by printed electronics, pushing the boundaries of the following.

Video Packs

Engage, Inspire, Activate

Packaging & printed media is still a powerful force in promotion and maintains an advantage where people still like to “touch & feel” a physical product.

As a tactile product, the Video Pack video brochure offers the best physical and digital combination into a single proposition that truly enriches the promotional mix.

Creative Print

Effective print marketing can do more and simply get your message across, it can move the message on. Great design, new materials and inks combined with different paper finishes can all help your creative communication and print marketing stand out but more importantly, meet the objectives of your campaign.

Don’t accept the ordinary speak to Cyan Group.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) materials are used for executing advertising campaigns, exhibitions and presentations.

As an effective marketing tool, POS materials attract consumer attention and promote the brand. Due to their appealing and informative nature, POS materials are capable of stimulating purchases directly at the point of sale.


Sound can have a dramatic and memorable effect on the retention of any marketing message and this is enhanced further when the “reader” is not expecting “print” to play a sound.

The audio can also be linked to a 3rd party app which is listening for a specific content trigger to further enhance the user experience.

Print Management

Promotional Merchandise

Environmental Sourcing

Cyan Academy

Cross-Media Solutions

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