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The small changes that can make a big difference

To kick off our scheme to become a more environmentally-friendly company, we made some simple changes right here in the office. These easy changes have saved us money and reduced our negative impact on the planet.
But for these changes to really make a difference, everyone needs to do the same. So, we thought we’d give some encouragement and compile a few starting tips – see below.


  • Recycle inkjets, batteries and toners.


  • Join your local recycling scheme.


  • Use NAPM accredited recycled paper. The quality of such paper has increased enormously in recent years and its costs are often compared to that of virgin paper.

Go beyond necessity

  • Use eco-friendly products.


  • Cycle to work.


  • Take pride in making the world a better place and encourage others!

Save energy

  • Enforce an overnight computer – shutdown rule.


  • Don’t use air-conditioning unless the weather is above a certain temperature. Turn the unit off overnight.


  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Reduce Waste

  • Do not needlessly print documents. When you do print, print double-sided (duplex on) and with a low dpi (draft quality).


  • THINK before throwing things away – can an item be reused?


  • Reduce un-recyclable waste by buying products with biodegradable/recyclable packaging or no packaging at all (fruit, vegetables, etc).


  • Reuse Cyan delivery boxes.


  • Where possible, use email instead of mail for corporate communication. Is it possible to deal with orders and send invoices electronically?


Want some advice on even more ways to reduce your carbon footprint?
Give us a call on 020 8843 8600

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