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The VITALITY of keeping connected whilst in isolation

Posted: Monday 6th April 2020

Our lives have dramatically changed since the outbreak of COVID-19, not to mention the impact it’s had on so many businesses!

Many businesses are taking the attitude, ‘let’s sit and wait – it’ll all blow over’ but it’s the worst way to tackle this extended isolation period – we need to be ready for when everything gets back to ‘as normal as possible’. We need to be prepared…

So here’s a few tips of things you can do, to keep your employees and customers engaged from a distance.


1) Let people know you are still here.

Based on the conversations we have had with our friends, families and clients – we reckon about 70% of businesses have been MASSIVELY affected, 20% semi-effected, and 10% (the home workers, online consultants of us) haven’t really been affected at all.

If you’re in that top 90%, the chances are your phones are ringing a little less, your emails aren’t quite as frantic and projects have been paused – thus leading to more free time.

If this is you – take this time to call every single person you work with (clients and suppliers!) and let them know you’re still here.

If you’re still able to take on some work and run some projects, tell your contacts about it!

Here at CYAN Group we are going to call every client we are actively working with to see how we can support them. Yes, some of our campaigns have been affected, and yes some have been altered or stopped altogether due to the nature of the industries we work with. HOWEVER, there is ALWAYS an opportunity to pivot. As Marketers, we absolutely will support our clients through this, because stopping marketing initiatives right now wouldn’t be a very smart thing to do…

Call your contacts, if you don’t have their numbers, email them. You might just find they a) really appreciate the call, b) they have some work for you or c) you’ll be the first person they call when they do.


2) Get the right gear – webcams and headsets

This one is for both your team, and for your clients/customers.
Self-isolation is going to separate the sinkers from the swimmers in every business.

Those employees who are committed, driven and proactive will embrace this new way of working, and if you have all the right tools in place to communicate effectively, there’s no reason why the productivity of your team should change.

Using tools like Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp Chat (and calls) are great ways to have video calls online and they are ALL free.

It can be quite lonely (ESPECIALLY) for those in your team who live alone, or whose partners are key workers. So seeing each other’s faces will absolutely keep momentum going, PLUS it gives everyone a reason to shower and get ready each morning if they think they could be called on a conference call at any time. They won’t want to get caught out!

In regards to your customers/clients – this is a great way to still have that personal engagement with them. It shows them that you can still meet with them, and therefore continue to work together. It also shows them how you’ve adapted your work ethic to suit the new guidelines and make it possible for you to stay connected.

If you want to make sure your employees and clients have the right equipment, give us a call – we can often access stock that is in short supply in the consumer market as well as add your logo! (a great visual reminder of the community they belong to).

It’s not just webcams that you need to consider, many people will have laptops with these integrated, but what about audio headsets and webcam covers to show you understand people’s privacy also? If there’s anything you want us to look into, let us know!


3) Go Old School – Send them some mail!

With our current situation, we do stress that you sanitise first!

However, it’s a really important approach to consider, to keep in contact with your clients and/or prospects in a way that not many people will.

Something to read, something personal, something kind and meaningful – is what everyone is crying out for right now. Email inboxes will become very quickly cluttered – however, the only letters I’m receiving at the moment are bills and Tesco vouchers I keep forgetting to take on my one essential weekly shop!

Whether you can share something with them about what you’re doing right now to support them or whether there’s an opportunity coming along once we are ‘let out of prison’, show them you’re thinking about them by sending them something in the post.

If you need some help with this, we can still fulfill your print requirements for you and we will be absolutely sure that the letters are handled with care and plenty of sanitation, to avoid any risk of virus.
Just give us a call on 020 8843 8600 and let’s come up with something SUPER creative.


4) Take time to appreciate your contacts

I appreciate right now, things might be slightly different right now from a financial perspective. But I assure you, however hard you and your business (and lives) have been hit by Coronavirus, someone else is feeling it 10 x’s worse.

If you’re in a position to show your contacts some love. Do it.

It’ll go such a long way!

Whether you can do some research on birthdays, and send a gift voucher perhaps.

Maybe one of your clients projects/contracts fell through and you know it’s hit them hard – so maybe you want to send a ‘thinking of you’ card with some chocolates.

Whatever the situation you find yourself in, have a think (and a rummage around to see if you can spare some cash) and do something nice for your contacts.


5) Keep it social

Here at CYAN, we aren’t just a team. We are like a mini family.

We all look after each other, we care about each other’s personal lives, we go for drinks after work – the bottom line is, we miss each other right now. Leah is missing eating all the snacks we constantly bring into the office, that’s for sure!

Have a think about what you can do for your team to keep things social and keep their spirits raised…to help you out, and finish this blog off, here’s a few ideas where you can use some of the tools mentioned above;

  • Group coffee break
  • Start a reading list – and all catch up frequently about the books you’re reading
  • Do an online group workout session… surely you can find someone in your team who knows enough to lead it, if not, do a Joe Wicks Special!
  • Organise a drink one night after work where you all dial in from your lounge
  • Run an online quiz for everyone to play along with their families at home
  • Send them something nice! A personalised mug, Break time care pack, Book club membership pack, Dumb bells, Resistance bands, Branded bottle of vino or even so Quiz Team Ts! (we have SO many ideas we can share with you here that your team might LOVE), maybe a notepad – something funny on the front ‘All the work i’m supposed to be doing whilst ‘self-isolating”


Anyway, that’s all from us for today.

Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook to keep an eye out for more great tips that will be coming your way…

If there’s anything we can do to help you, or even if you just fancy a call and a catch up, we’d love to hear from you.

The number is 020 8843 8600.

Stay safe, stay well and keep positive!

All the best,

The CYAN Team!

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